About Us

Who we are?

“SOBNUTRITION”  is a platform for health-conscious people who want to ultimately make a healthy lifestyle change

We help to prepare diet plans for various dietary needs either weightloss, weight gain, weight maintenance, healthy eating, managing diabetics, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and other nutrition deficiency diseases.  

About the Founder

Simbiat Oladoja is a member of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, the Nutrition Society of United kingdom, and also an associate member of Chartered Institute of Health, Safety, and Environment.

She and her team of qualified professionals aim to increase the awareness of how important nutrition and appropriate dieting is for our health and well-being. With the support of her global dietetic colleagues, she hopes the public and media are empowered and enlightened to the true facts about health, nutrition and dietary needs.

Simbiat Oladoja

Lead Food Scientist/Nutritionist


A percentage of our earnings at SOBNUTRITION is donated towards ending malnutrition in Africa.