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SOBNUTRITION is a resource for healthy nutrition and inspiration.
Making healthy eating your lifestyle.


Healthy Eating, Happy Living

“SOBNUTRITION”  is a platform for health-conscious people who want to ultimately make a healthy lifestyle change

We help to prepare diet plans for various dietary needs either weightloss, weight gain, weight maintenance, healthy eating, managing diabetics, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and other nutrition deficiency diseases.  

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Our Vision

To promote healthy eating and create a global nutrition brand dedicated to delivering better nutrition for every step of life’s journey


Our Mission

Promote good nutrition and create awareness on healthy eating in Africa and beyond.

To help people become more in tune and aware of their inner health by practicing good nutrition actions, nourishing their bodies with balanced diet, and creating a new healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Encourage more advocacy on good nutrition practice.

Our Charity Commitment

SOBNUTRITION is committed to creating awareness on healthy eating lifestyle that meets with international standards. We provide solutions to key nutritional problems in children and adults especially in Africa. We believe in championing nutrition projects by partnering  partnering with like mind initiatives that promote good health and well-being.

We support communities with evidenced-based health and nutrition articles, publishing several new articles each week, weekly and monthly newsletters, videos , free courses, and our online workshops that have helped thousands. As a small and mighty team, we really care about you and the connection we’re building from customer service, replying to emails, to your entire experience being part of this community.

We Give Back

We’re a small company, but every bit can support a cause. At the end of every year, we contribute to a cause we believe in from supporting malnourished children, education, and nourishment to humans in need. As we grow, our goal is to be able to support more organizations in much larger ways with every sale, but we have to start somewhere and somewhere is here. If you’re a customer of any of our service, thank you for supporting SOBNUTRITION and for supporting others in need.

SOBNUTRITION is a resource for healthy nutrition and inspiration. Making healthy eating your lifestyle.

Our Projects

We believe that eating healthy and natural food should be pleasurable, tasty and fun – we aim to provide nutritional solutions by producing a range of healthy and highly nutritious products to:

We believe everyone has a role to play in making the SDGs a reality and that is why we are willing to play our part especially towards Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 12. For more information on the UN SDGs, visit

Partnering with other Initiative that support SGD’s goals

Partnership with other like-mind initiatives will provide sustainable solutions to tackle nutrition and poverty issues in communities. We are proud to work with sponsors and partners that are fully aligned with our mission — providing education and products that can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

At SOBNUTRITION, our company provides (education programs, coaching, nutrition counselling), and we also engage in sponsored collaborations to help support our efforts with our growing team, website, and other investments needed to make a heavily free resource.

SOBNUTRITION upholds high integrity and high standards when working with advertisers and partners. This means we have a direct impact in key messaging that’s shared in the sponsored content—our sponsors do not influence the messaging we share.

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