Detox Water Health Benefits and Recipes


Detox water is one of the approach to living a healthy life. It helps to make the body feel healthier or and serves as a weight loss remedy. One of the functions of detox water is Cleansing the body which helps to keep the skin looking youthful, healthy, illness free, and full of energy. It’s one of the best ways to flush out harmful toxins in the body system, and improves the consumption of enough water. As a matter fact, water helps to transport the necessary nutrients to the various parts of the body for normal function. With the use of detox water, it is possible for you to enjoy delicious treats without putting your health or physique on the line. For those who crave sweet, unhealthy drinks, this can work well as a perfect swap. If you would like some delicious fruit detox waters to kick start your day,
A few Detox water recipes you can try out are as follows;


Cool Ginger-Mint Detox Water:

This detox water is a power-packed beverage in which the cucumbers help to refresh and hydrate the body. Lemon/Lime contains loads of vitamin C and when combined with mint, it helps to clean up the digestive system and eases stomach cramps.
1 thinly sliced Cucumber
2 Lemon or Lime wedges
2 Inches of freshly peeled Ginger root
10-12 fresh mint leaves

Watermelon Citrus Detox Water:

Watermelon contains amino acids that help to detoxify the liver while also improving its functions. When combined with lemon and orange, the result is a mix of citrus boost which supplies the body with the required amount of vitamin C needed for the body’s immune system.
Juice squeeze of ½ Lemon and ½ Orange
Add 1 Lemon wedge
Add 1 Orange wedge
Add 5-8 slices of Cucumber


Cucumber-Mint Detox Water:

Cucumbers bring nourishment to a new level, as they hydrate the body. Their nutrients are excellent for procuring an aesthetic frame and complexion. The mint helps to ease up cramps while cleaning up the digestive system.
15-20 thin slices of about 2/3 Cucumber
Add 5-7 whole fresh Mint leaves


Pineapple-Strawberry Detox Water:

This detox water serves as a stress relieving water, where the pineapple give a lot of natural sweetness and creates tons of energy alongside. The strawberries provide a bunch of generous compounds including iron, folic acid and vitamins A, C, E and K.
3 pineapple wedges
3-4 sliced strawberries


Watermelon-Mint Detox Water:

This one is also a brilliant mix in which the watermelon filled with a lot of antioxidants and fluid helps to expunge the unwanted toxin from the body. People with sensitive stomach can enjoy this with ease as the mint helps to provide solution for a rebelling stomach.
½ Cup cubed watermelon
3 fresh mint leaves

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