Are you worried about your diet?

Don’t be! Our nutrition counselling session may never be like getting a massage, but it doesn’t have to be torture, either.

Our nutrition consultation shouldn’t feel like a lecture about what you should be doing, and you shouldn’t feel as though you’re being scolded or judged on your eating habits either.

Who can benefit from nutrition counseling?

Anyone can benefit from discussing their diet with a nutritionist. The following are just a few of the conditions that can benefit specifically from dietary interventions:

We are here to help and will take the time to listen closely and understand where you are right now in terms of your lifestyle and diet, and work with you to help achieve your goals.


Depending on what sort of health issues you are looking to address Our Nutritionist would:

  • Explain the science of your health condition so you can understand what you are working with and learn how food may influence this
  • Discuss nutritional factors that may affect your health
  • Work with you to create some practical ways that you can make these changes
  • Answer your questions about any of these factors
  • Access to your personal nutritionist 24/7
  • Prepare a grocery list to suit your health needs
  • Meal plan to suit your health and nutrition status
  • Nutrition assessment and analysis

To get started, book a session Online for 1 hour daily for a week. This consultation is online.

The payment is a one-time payment.